I have a few things I’m working on, from story writing and screenwriting, to a couple of social/casual game designs, and even something as diverse as hot sauce creation. It may sound like a lot, but I like to keep busy with a lot of different things to keep my mind fresh. I’ll go over a couple of these below (without giving too much away!)

Game Design

I’m currently working on a couple of different social game designs that could be made into Facebook applications. Both games do require having at least a small network of friends, but neither require you to annoy them with endless social spamming requests. My philosophy behind social game design (for right or wrong) is that the game needs to be a quality game first, and a social tool second. That may not fly with a lot of folks, but a good game design will keep people coming back. Here’s what I’m musing over:

  • Unnamed global spy game: This game, based loosely on a game I used to play in the old BBS days (if that comment didn’t age me, I don’t know what will!) requires you to collect information on other spies to eventually eliminate them so you can be the last spy standing. Totally unrelated to the “Wars” games.
  • Unnamed racing game: I know what you’re thinking. A racing social network game? This game will require you to manage resources, trade with other players, all leading up to a weekly (?) race. Going into the details more will give some stuff away, so if you’re more interested, just contact me.
  • Unnamed card-based racing game: Keeping the game mechanics simple (think Modern Art, the Card Game), I’m attempting to finalize a compelling game that could be either a physical card game or converted into an iPad/iPhone game. It’s coming along fairly well, just needs a few tweaks and a bit more playtesting!


My degree is in creative writing, so I always like to keep my mind working with new writing projects. Recently, I’ve been analyzing a lot of movies and screenplays and noticing that there are a ton of bad scripts making it out into theaters. Even the most basic horror film can be incredibly spiced up with good dialogue and an innovative plot. Below are my recent dilemmas:

  • Unnamed poker movie: Even with the hold’em poker boom of the last decade, there still hasn’t been a really good poker movie out of Hollywood that doesn’t go the same tired road of “young up-and-coming poker player beats mentor” or some such. My script a) actually shows poker action (which most poker movies seem to leave out), and b) doesn’t take itself too seriously (nearly all poker movies are way too serious for their own good).
  • Unnamed television procedural drama:I have a truckload of great ideas for this one-hour series set either in San Francisco, or a small town (depending on how the writing flows, I will pick one or the other). It will have two male leads, along with recurring female guest stars. The main character has amnesia/head trauma, which is the focal point of the series.
  • Nonfiction golf book: I’m working on capturing my experiences playing golf, why I started, how it consumes my free time, etc.

Hot Sauce

Yes, one of these things is not like the other. I’m an avid hot sauce freak. The hotter the better (although this sauce from Crazy Uncle Jester was nearly the death of me). It’s super-difficult to find a hot sauce that is both flavorful and mad-hot. Most just sear your taste buds on impact. I’m currently mixing a number of different fresh and dry peppers along with other spices and flavors to come up with the ultimate hot sauce concoction.