Creative nonfiction course

It’s been a while since I torched the cyberwebs and plunked out a blog post, but it’s been an interesting couple of years. During that time, I’ve found it difficult to sit down at my computer and write when my job is to sit at a computer for eight hours a day. These are the times I wish I was in construction, enjoying the fresh air, and not zip-tied to an office desk.

Anyway, over the past two years, I’ve taken two classes from Stanford Continuing Studies, both on writing. The Continuing Studies program, for those interested, typically consists of short, six-week classes on a specific subject (history, art, writing, etc.). In 2011, I took an Introduction to Screenwriting class from Adam Tobin (an erstwhile instructor at Stanford), where I used that time to polish some of my writing on my yet-to-be-named poker movie. I felt that the pressure of delivering pages on a weekly basis would be enough to jumpstart my screenplay and move me on a path to publishing. Alas, while I learned a ton in the course and had great fun, I’m a bit stalled on that project.

Which leads me to my recent pursuit, another Continuing Studies class, this one in Creative Nonfiction. Last year my friends and I joined the Golf Channel Am Tour—a series of organized golf tournaments in the SF Bay Area. I had a terrific time playing “competitive” golf, and wanted to write my experiences during that year. To motivate me, I’m taking this new class and look forward to sharing tidbits as my mood allows.

Thanks for checking in (whomever is reading this), and look forward to additional entries on a more regular basis.